Supporter membership is for any individual, organisation or community co-operative who shares our values and wants to support us. Becoming a supporter member means you are directly helping us to have an even greater impact in all areas, from the practical help we provide to communities to our work in providing a voice for rural communities amongst policy makers, support organisations and communities themselves.


  • £50 for individuals per year
  • £75 for organisations with a turnover of under £1m 
  • £150 for organisations with a turnover of £1m or over


Becoming a member means you join a growing number of like-minded people and organisations all working together to help communities set up and run co-operative enterprises as a way of overcoming a range of challenges. In addition members also receive:
  • A monthly newsletter tailored specifically for members
  • Information on all our publications and events before anyone else
  • Bespoke member events and reduced ticket prices for all Plunkett events
  • The opportunity to shape our views and work
I am pleased to supported the Foundation as it champions the growth of community based social enterprises - one of the most creative but under-utilised solutions available to meet some specific community needs.
Mike Smith, Supporter Member

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If you'd like to apply to be a supporter member just fill in this form and we'll get back to you.