We know that rural life in the UK isn’t all about living in a beautiful setting with lots of space and fresh air.  For many people in rural areas, limited access to or a lack of vital services and facilities is a daily challenge.  

We also know that rural communities, with a little help, can address these challenges themselves and that the long-term solution is often achieved through enterprises that are owned by the community, for the benefit of the community - an approach that Plunkett calls community co-operatives.  

Not only do these enterprises overcome a practical problem, they also reduce loneliness and isolation by improving social interactions and fostering community spirit. We’ve supported communities to set up thriving enterprises in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, whether they be community owned shops, pubs, transport, woodlands, sport centres and everything in between. 

There are still many communities that are dealing with the issues facing them, but thanks to funding from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, we can help by providing fully-funded support to set-up their community co-operative.   In the coming months we will also be hosting an exciting range of events and activities for communities and existing community co-operatives.  

If your community is inspired to explore a community co-operative, please call our helpline on 01993 810 730 or email at info@plunkett.co.uk.  

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