We work with people all over the UK and Ireland who come to us for help. For some people, they're worried about losing something that's important to their community. For others, they're exploring ways that they can work together with their community to benefit some of the more vulnerable individuals in their area. However you found us, and whatever your reason is, we're here to help. 

First things first

We've got a range of support and information to help you set up and run a community co-operative - whether it's a shop, pub, farm, cafe, bookshop...the list is endless. In the early stages we can give you at least 30 minutes of support either by phone or email - whatever works best for you. Before we speak to you though, it would help us if you could fill in this form. This will help us tailor our information for your specific community's needs and make the most of the time we have together. If your project or idea meets our criteria (as a charity we have to make sure that we're meeting our charitable objectives) we'll go on to work with you throughout your journey. We'll explain to you what support is on offer, we'll help you access our tools and resources and we'll make sure you have some face-to-face advice from our team of advisers. 

Once you're under our wing, you'll join the growing network of community co-operatives - people like you who've done something incredible in their community using co-operation. You can find out more about that here. Make sure you fill in our initial contact form and we'll be in touch. 

Next steps

Once you've read through the resources on this page, you can move on to looking at the importance of engaging with your community