Our Better Business reports are the most comprehensive research into the performance of co-operative pubs and community-owned shops ever to be published. They provide some of the most valuable statistics in the sector in support of a co-operative approach to rural social enterprise.

Community shops: A better form of business

The community shop sector in 2014:
  • 325 community shops were trading across the UK
  • 6% growth in number of community shops in 2014 alone
  • +5% like-for-like sales growth
  • 54,925 total members
  • 8,624 volunteers
  • Over 16,500 vulnerable residents in the UK have access to essential services that wouldn't exist without community shops in
  • 325 community shops actually provide services to over 1,000 rural communities across the UK

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The Bull

Co-operative pubs: A better form of business

By the end of 2014 33 co-operative pubs were trading; a 43% growth in the total number. In total these boasted 7,644 members and had raised over £6m through community shares. Click here to download the 2015 report in full.

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