Nicole Hamilton, Head of Frontline, recently took part in a telephone interview with Mark Wilding from Noisey discussing how the More Than a Pub programme is helping locals to band together and save their local pubs. Below is an extract from the article which can be found in full on the Noisey website:

When Kerry McGregor arrived at the Sir Charles Napier one Sunday evening in June 2015, she found the door locked. A sign informed customers the pub had closed. This was news to Kerry – she'd been drinking and watching gigs there for more than 20 years. When she called round to other regulars, nobody seemed to know what had happened.

In many ways, the Napier was a traditional British boozer. Posters for Jack Daniels and beer brands hung onto the walls for dear life. For a time, a laminated sign on one wall invited drinkers to "Stick your chewing gum on here!" The pub hosted darts, dominoes and pool teams, AKA the sorts of gatherings that had little to do with craft beer and small plates. But it also served a role in the community: providing a second home for Blackburn's hard rock and metal fans.

They'd shout-sing rock karaoke every Tuesday and Thursday. On gig nights, the upstairs bar would fill with headbangers in the typical uniform of band T-shirts, black hoodies and 'cut these myself earlier' sleeveless vests. The Metal Travel Guide, a website for globe-trotting metal fans, once wrote that the Napier "has the most metal staff you will meet in England" *sign of the horns*.

Read the article in full on the Noisey website here.