An ambitious community-led project to bring a community food and market place to the Midlothian town of Penicuik has extended its share offer deadline to the end of March.

The Penicuik Storehouse will play home to a community bakery, café, kitchen, food store and social supermarket and will provide a vital hub for the town, strengthening the local economy, providing jobs and offering affordable, locally produced food to the community.

The share offer was launched in December by Plunkett Foundation members the Penicuik Community Alliance, who are looking to raise £300,000 from local residents and those further afield who may have links with the town and would like to help support the community there. It is supported by Owen Thompson MP, who said:

"I'm very excited to see plans coming together for the Penicuik Storehouse, and I'd urge everyone with an interest in its success to see if they can take part. Penicuik is a great town with a lot going for it, but this project could really add to the high street and the community here, as well as to the local economy.”

Roger Kelly, convener of the Penicuik Community Alliance, said:
"We’re optimistic about the future of Penicuik, and we believe the Storehouse can become an important hub for the local economy, bringing high quality jobs to the town for the long term and supporting the best local food producers. Now we need you to help us make that a reality."

To find out more about the project visit the website at:

The project has received support from Community Shares Scotland, an initiative funded by the Big Lottery Fund and Carnegie UK Trust and delivered by DTA Scotland in partnership with Plunkett Foundation, the Community Shares Unit (a joint project run by Locality and Co-operatives UK) and Rocket Science. The programme operates as a dynamic hub for support, building relationships with networks and organisations to signpost communities, investors and other interested parties to the most appropriate forms of advice and assistance to develop new share offers and support existing ones. If you’re based in Scotland would like to find out more about the initiative, visit the website at:

What are community shares?

Community shares are a funding mechanism which helps create sustainable enterprises serving a community purpose. Shareholders buy shares in local enterprises providing goods and services that meet local needs. The enterprise must be sustainable with a viable business proposition at its heart. Each shareholder has an equal say in major decisions and the enterprise is therefore controlled and governed by the community it serves. This type of investment has been used to finance shops and pubs, community buildings, media and sports initiatives, community renewable energy, local food schemes along with a host of other community based ventures. Watch this short animation to find out more: