We’ve recently been celebrating our Head of Support and Company Secretary’s 13th anniversary of joining Plunkett. Congratulations to Kathryn Morrison!

Kathryn MorrisonKath comes from a farming family and understands first-hand the benefits - and challenges - of rural life. During the devastating foot and mouth outbreak of 2001 her family farm was quarantined for many weeks. Although the farm did not contract foot and mouth, the period of quarantine proved to be the epitome of rural and social isolation. It was shortly after this that a vacancy for a Finance Manager arose at Plunkett; as Kath says, “my feeling of helplessness during this time led me to reassess my career and look to work for an organisation that really made a difference to rural lives. When I found the vacancy at Plunkett, I knew it was meant for me.”

Kath had previously worked in the corporate banking sector and during the 1980s worked at a bank in central Oxford. During this time Plunkett’s offices were also located in Oxford; her surprise on discovering that the two offices had, in fact, been adjacent throughout that time, unbeknownst to her, further solidified her conviction that her move to Plunkett was the right one.

During her 13 years the organisation has evolved, not only relocating to its current office in Woodstock, in West Oxfordshire, but has also seen a gradual change of board and staff members. However, as Kath points out, “although the outward appearance of the organisation has grown and changed, at its heart remain the fundamental values of our founder, Sir Horace. As we adapt to the current needs of rural communities, we never lose sight of his vision. We never give up.”

Kath’s role today has broadened from that of her original title of Finance Manager. As Head of Support she oversees the financial operations of the Foundation, and in addition to this she has sole responsibility for the organisation’s HR function, its facilities and office environment. One of her proudest moments was being appointed Company Secretary, a position held for 33 years by Margaret Digby, a significant figure in the organisation’s history whose often single-handed contribution was instrumental in creating the network and reputation of the Plunkett Foundation around the world today: “Considering everything that Margaret Digby achieved motivates me every day.”