Plunkett Scotland logoThanks to everyone who took part in our community enterprise networking event in Glasgow last week – it was great to meet you all!

The day combined workshops for community enterprises along with training sessions for our Plunkett Scotland Community Advisers. Rizki from New Leaf Co-op in Edinburgh gave a very useful and practical talk on how to use marketing to attract and hang on to customers and we heard the inspiring story of Appin Community Co-operative and the role that continued community involvement has played in its journey over the last 30 years.

This was our first networking event in Scotland and with such a good mix of people from different areas, at different stages of development, rural and urban it stimulated a lot of practical discussion around difficulties, support and ideas which we can take on board to build on what we do in Scotland.

The event was part of our Seeing is Believing programme which is funded by the Princes Countryside Fund and has run over the last couple of years to inspire and support rural community owned enterprise.