From 10 – 13 November the International Co-operative Alliance hosted its Global Conference and General Assembly in Turkey on the theme Towards 2020: What Will Your Co-operative Look Like?

The conference was aimed at helping co-operatives to develop effective business and policy strategies. Distinguished speakers from different backgrounds, inside and outside the co-operative movement, engaged in panel discussions and debated the role of co-operatives in addressing the major global challenges towards 2020.

Four plenary sessions were held to discuss issues including Co-operative Identity, and four breakout sessions: Sustainability, Participation, Legal Frameworks and Capital. Plunkett Foundation’s Chief Executive, Peter Couchman, spoke during a session on the theme of participation, specifically looking at co-operative governance. He was joined by:

• Sonja Novkovic, Professor of Economics, Saint Mary’s University, Canada & Chair of the Alliance Co-operative Research Committee
• Eudes de Freitas Aquino, President, Unimed do Brasil, Brazil
• Nick Crofts, President, The Co-operative Group’s Members’ Council, United Kingdom
• Jean-Pierre Girard, Consultant on collective enterprises, Canada

You can download the accompanying paper for this event here.

More information about the session can be found here