The Plunkett Foundation is launching two new benefits for its enterprise members this month. It will be building on its relationships with both the National Federation of Retail Newsagents (NFRN) and The NFRN Mutual to expand its offering for community co-operatives.

The new benefits consist of a new insurance offer tailored specifically for co-operative pubs and a sub-retailing scheme for all community co-operatives.

The NFRN Mutual already provides an alternative to conventional insurance for over 40 Plunkett community shop members, but has now extended its offer to include cover that is tailored for co-operative pubs.
NFRN is now offering help and support to source and stock newspapers and magazines; something that can often be a challenge for community co-operatives working with newspaper wholesalers.

Membership Manager Harriet English said: “We know it’s essential for co-operative pubs to be fully covered and that claims are managed swiftly and efficiently by an organisation that understands co-operative businesses. And for many community co-operatives – particularly shops – the complex administration involved in managing newspaper and magazine orders is exhaustive on staff and volunteer time. That’s why we’re pleased to build on the great relationships we already have with NFRN and The NFRN Mutual and offer our enterprise members these new benefits.”

Christopher Buckham from Bretforton Community Shop, who have been piloting the scheme, said: "The sub-retailing support we’ve received from NFRN to get our newspaper provision up and running has been a godsend. I wouldn’t have wanted the significant effort of dealing with a newspaper wholesaler at the same time as our team was working flat out to get our shop open. We are delighted that through our Plunkett membership we are receiving this kind of additional help and support to navigate what can be a very complex process for community co-operatives."

To find out more about the Plunkett Community Enterprise Membership please click here, or contact Membership Manager, Harriet English, on [email protected] or 01993 814374.