We are remembering and celebrating the life of Trevor Bottomley who was a driving force for the community co-operative movement and lifetime member of Plunkett Foundation.

Trevor Bottomley was a remarkable man who spent most of his life working with co-operatives. He was particularly active in education and training, working for many years for the UK Co-operative Union and later as a Chief Executive for Education and Development with the International Co-operative Alliance, where he founded two important educational advisory bodies - CEMAS and AGITCOOP.

Overseas, he was involved in long-term co-operative development projects in Lesotho, Laos, Jamaica and Botswana where he was the first Registrar of Co-operatives and drafted its co-operative law. As co-operative consultant and adviser he carried out numerous missions to more than 20 countries, specialising in marketing, management and field training.

Before his retirement, he was a lecturer at the Co-operative College in Loughborough and a member of the Plunkett Editorial Advisory Board and part-time consultant for the Foundation. He wrote several books on aspects of co-operative education and in 1982 was awarded the Hungarian Medal for Achievement and Excellence in Co-operative Development.

Below are a couple of photos we have been able to gather in relation to a book Trevor wrote for the Foundation:

Front cover of Farmer-Centred Enterprise for Agricultural Development, 1989

Back cover of Farmer-Centred Enterprise for Agricultural Development, 1989

We would also like to share an obituary article written by Anne Bottomley, daughter of Trevor, further detailing the amazing work he was involved in throughout his lifetime.