Our congratulations go to our members Glenwyvis Community Benefit Society, who've smashed their community shares target and raised £2,533,510 from 2441 investors over 77 days. 

Glenwyvis Distillery Community Benefit Society, based in the historic Highland town of Dingwall, is realising its long held ambition to create Scotland's very first community-owned craft whisky distillery. Exactly 270 years to the day after the Battle of Culloden, GlenWyvis launched its Community Share Offer to raise over £1.5m of investment that will help to put whisky distilling back at the heart of Dingwall.

The launch, organised in conjunction with Community Shares Scotland, offered investment opportunities for as little as £250 to locals living in all IV postcode areas. This will ensure a high level of local ownership of the distillery, but the Share Offer was also open to whisky lovers worldwide with investment opportunities rising in tranches to a maximum investment of £100,000.

The new GlenWyvis Distillery will be built on a farm above the town of Dingwall and will be 100% community-owned distillery and 100% powered by green energy.

The distillery is the brainchild of the Flying Farmer, John F Mckenzie, supported by a board of directors and local community representatives. John said:

"We have a truly winning combination here of a stunning Scottish Highland location, immense historical appeal linking back to Culloden, Burns and Ferintosh and readily available hydro, solar and wind energy to bring this innovative whisky project to fruition.

"From the outset we have envisaged the project as more than a distillery. It is an opportunity for all social investors to help reinvigorate the historic town of Dingwall. GlenWyvis will be built on its whisky heritage, its community-ownership and its environmental credentials. We have amazing local resources and will be using only local barley from a farmers' cooperative – hence our strapline built on history – powered by nature.

John added:

"There is a real buzz around Dingwall at the moment as our local football team Ross County has just won the Scottish Football League Cup and now we are launching our community-owned distillery. It's double plaudits all round!"

Plunkett Foundation has supported Glenwyvis to set up their legal structure and to get started on their share issue; if you'd like to find out how we can help you to do something similar, get in touch! 

Community Shares Scotland is funded by the Big Lottery Fund Scotland and Carnegie UK Trust. It's delivered by DTA Scotland in partnership with the Plunkett Foundation, the Community Shares Unit (a joint project run by Locality and Co-operatives UK) and Rocket Science.

Photo: Community Shares Scotland.