The Government has announced that from 6 April any pubs listed as Assets of Community Value in England will no longer be subject to permitted development rights.

Permitted development rights enable the change of use of a pub building into other facilities, such as shops, offices, houses, restaurants, and in some cases, to be demolished completely. Previously, pubs that had been listed as ACVs were still subject to permitted development rights. From 6 April, the protection will apply at the point of nomination of an ACV ahead of its full listing, and for existing ACVs the protection will be automatic.

Mike Perry, Head of Development and Policy at Plunkett, said: “Today we raise a glass to the news that from 6 April, pubs listed as an Asset of Community Value will trigger the disapplication of the national permitted development rights for the change of use or demolition for the period of the listing. This means communities will have a better chance of saving their local pub as a co-operative, rather than a pub they have listed being converted to shops, offices, restaurants or even in some cases demolished.

“Also announced today is the important news that this will apply when an asset is first nominated until the application process is complete, enabling communities to react when their local is threatened. The extended powers are warmly welcomed, but we’d still like to see ACV status strengthened, for example by giving communities more time to raise the funding to save their local.”

Along with others in the sector, particularly CAMRA, we have channelled the experiences and frustrations of communities themselves to raise awareness of this as an issue. Although this new protection will not address every issue, nor save every pub that a community wants to save, this is a significant step in the right direction.

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