At Plunkett, we have seen that both Town and Parish Councils have a critical role at the early stages of a group looking into the possibility of setting up a community co-operative. In our experience, we have seen that it is very rare for Town and Parish Councils to be directly involved in the setting up or running of community co-operatives. Very often, it is the Town or Parish Council that has spotted the opportunity to save an asset or service, or called a public meeting, or highlighted potential avenues of funding.

This call to action sets out the various ways in which Town and Parish Councils can get involved:

  1. Consider registering land and buildings in your community as an Asset of Community Value (or support another community group to do so). Further information is available in this helpful tool produced by Locality.
  2. Explore developing a parish or neighbourhood plan and incorporate the community ownership solution to problems highlighted by your residents. Further information is available in this useful tool produced by CPRE.  
  3. Promote the concept of community ownership and the support available from the Plunkett Foundation via your community newsletter and website.
  4. Call a public meeting in the event an asset or service in your community becomes at risk, and help to establish an independent working party to consider the community ownership approach.
  5. Support community groups that are exploring community ownership by joining their committee, or contributing to their feasibility costs.
  6. Consider purchasing the asset the community is exploring through a Public Works Loan and rent or lease the asset back to the community. Further information on Public Works Loan finance is available here
  7. Join the Plunkett Foundation for £75 as a contribution towards helping other rural communities access community ownership advice and support.

For further information on the advice and support we offer please visit the Getting Started page. 

If you would like to find out further information about the call to action, please download the full version here

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