Sue Boer became a Plunkett trustee in July 2014 and is the representative of the Plunkett Community Enterprise Network. Sue has been a member of the Kingsbury Community Shop management committee for 3 years. For the period of time before the shop opened, during its launch and as a manager since it opened.

During this time Sue has also represented the Plunkett Foundation by giving presentations to local and district councils and communities planning to open community shops.
Sue's ‘day job’ has always been in Primary Education, as a teacher and then in school improvement, working in inner city schools that were failing. Her role was mainly to improve the quality of teaching and learning but also to ensure that the systems and structures were in place that would mean that the improvements could happen and be maintained. She has found that many of the leadership, people management and organisational skills needed to ensure development in these challenging circumstances, have served her well when working in the unfamiliar territory of community enterprise.