Born and raised in rural Worcestershire and educated at the University of London, Quintin joined the Plunkett Foundation at the beginning of 2001 and went on to become Head of Consultancy and Training.  The values of Sir Horace and the work of the Foundation in promoting and supporting economic self-help in rural and agricultural communities resonates deeply with him.  At the end of 2005, Quintin and his family emigrated to Canada where he became responsible for member services, education and research at the Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) in Ottawa.  Quintin continued to maintain links with and promote the work of the Plunkett Foundation since coming to Canada.  His experience during his time at the Foundation in developing education and training programs for farmer-directors directly led to his involvement in the award-winning Leadership in Governance director and delegate training program at Gay Lea Foods Co-operative.  Gay Lea Foods is one of Canada’s largest dairy co-operatives with over 30% of Ontario dairy farmers as member-owners and over $600 million in sales.  In 2012 he joined Gay Lea Foods as Director of Training Development and Capacity Resourcing and is responsible for leadership and co-operative development programs for members, staff, delegates and directors.  He resides with his family in beautiful Guelph, Ontario.