Plunkett Foundation is excited to be launching this new series of meetings for our members. We are looking to hold members' meetings all across the UK so please do make the most of this opportunity if you are located in and around Northamptonshire.

You will meet other members in your region, all bringing their knowledge and expertise from a range of community co-operative models - all community co-operative groups are welcome!

There will be a small charge (with a discounted rate for members) to attend the meeting to help cover organisational costs for both Plunkett as well as the meeting host. Non-members are welcome to attend in order to discover the benefits of Plunkett membership!

Welcome refreshments will be provided on arrival. This is a great opportunity to meet members of the shop committee.

We will also be looking to our members to help us shape a valuable networking approach that best serve your needs and help your community co-operative to thrive. To view our current calendar of members' meetings please visit  

Please note members will be encouraged to purchase lunch goodies at the shop and to continue networking! 

For further information, please contact Harriet English, Membership Manager, on