What we do

We provide a one-stop shop of support for predominantly rural communities looking to set up and run a range of community-owned co-operatives. Our support includes a full-time team based at our main office who respond to enquiries by phone and email. We also have a network of advisers, mentors and specialists based across the UK ready to help. In addition, we produce a range of tools, resources and information available online to help communities through every step of the process. 

Community-owned village shops

Plunkett is the only national organisation supporting the development of community-owned village shops in the UK.  Through a dedicated team, specialist support programmes and online, phone and face to face support, Plunkett is able to support communities to open new community-owned shops and to help existing community-owned shops to thrive.

Rural social and community enterprises

We promote and support the development of a range of other community enterprise types using the community co-operative model, from farms and woodlands to bookshops and pubs. 

Promoting the Plunkett approach to rural issues

We dedicate time and resources to promoting the 'Plunkett approach' to solving rural issues - we aspire to helping more people, in more communities, to use co-operative approaches to tackle a wider range of issues. Through this work we develop and influence policies relevant to rural communities and community-owned enterprises.  We also promote community-owned enterprises, co-operatives and social enterprises to rural communities through a range of events, partner networks and high profile press and media campaigns.

Plunkett also undertakes a range of consultancy work for public, private and civil society organisations.