Co-operative pubs


Green Man co-operative pub in Toppesfield, Essex


Co-operative ownership is becoming an increasingly recognised solution to local pub closures across the UK. A co-operative pub is where a significant part of a community comes together to form a co-operative to try and save and run their local. Co-operative pubs are set up on a ‘one member one vote’ basis rather than a ‘one share one vote’ basis. This creates a democratic way of running a community business and ensures that everyone has a say in how they want their local pub to be run.

How we can help

The Plunkett Foundation helps communities to save their pub as a co-operative venture and provides support from the initial stages of a pub being under threat to providing ongoing support to established pubs. We operate a Co-operative Pubs Advice Line, funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Through specialist support programmes, regional community advisers, mentors and experts, as well as online, telephone and email support, we are able to help communities to set up co-operative pubs and help existing ones to thrive. Plunkett also hosts a dedicated website for co-operative pubs ( where you can access an up to date directory of all co-operative pubs trading in the UK, as well as an interactive forum, and wide range of tools and resources.

Plunkett also have a dedicated membership scheme for community enterprises such as co-operative pubs giving them access to savings and services that they would not otherwise be able to secure alone. To find out more about membership, please visit our membership page.

To enquire about how we can best support your needs, please contact our Frontline Team on 01993 810730 or send an email to