Plunkett Foundation launches the first ever Community Shops Fortnight!

Saturday 23rd June – Saturday 7th July 2012

277 rural communities across the UK have something special to celebrate. In a climate that has seen commercial village shops close at a rate of around 400 per year, they have rallied round and saved their shop from closure, reopening it under community ownership. But that’s not the only thing they should be celebrating. These 277 communities have gone on to build a committed team and engage with everyone in their community to keep their shop up and running, delivering a vital community service day in, day out.

In celebration of this achievement, Plunkett Foundation is launching Community Shops Fortnight, which will mark the hard work, commitment and pride that ensures a community-owned shop succeeds long after the excitement of open day celebrations has passed.

Plunkett Foundation is calling on community shops across the UK to join us to celebrate the incredible achievement of running a community-owned shop and to raise the profile of this increasingly growing sector. The fortnight will celebrate individual shops with the aim of inspiring other communities to save their shop through community-ownership. It will also help to raise awareness of the community shop sector further afield, using the media to reach out across the social enterprise sector and wider networks.

Plunkett Foundation has a number of promotional packs available to community-owned shops to celebrate the fortnight in style. Each shop will be provided with a range of materials, developed specially for the fortnight, including:
•    Posters;
•    Bunting;
•    Rosette badges;
•    CSF ‘at a glance’ guides for volunteers and customers;
•    Event e-book guide on hosting a community event;
•    CSF stickers;
•    Press release template to help promote your shop to local media.

An application form for the free promotional pack can be downloaded here.

We are also looking to support a number of community-owned shop events through a limited number of bursaries. Whether you’d like to host a BBQ using meat from a nearby farm, a local food tasting event, or have a shop stand as part of a bigger village event, we’re keen to help you get involved and attract more customers through your door.

 An application form for the events bursary and promotional pack can be downloaded here

There will also be a number of larger events being held within the fortnight. So watch this space to find out more. But make sure you let us know how you plan to celebrate Community Shops Fortnight in your village!

If you would like to register your interest in celebrating the success of your shop in your community, please download the application form here or email  for more information.